Get A Guaranteed 500% ROI On Your Marketing Spend In The Next 90 Days, With Our DONE FOR YOU Mass Media Appointments…

Unlimited members are writing more business than ever before without seminars, or crummy Facebook leads.

They enjoy better positioning, better income and better lifestyle than ever before…while locking out their competition from ever getting access to this powerful system.

Here’s what you get in UNLIMITED

Guaranteed Unlimited Leads

Get our media buying expertise to get you leads with no caps or limits. We guaranteed 15 at bats, usually you’ll get many more. We’ll partner with you to improve the lead quality and screen for the very best prospects possible.

What radio station or TV media buyer will guarantee you results like this?

White Label Our Proven Authority Platform And Get This POWERFUL ASSET STACK

Co-Authored Book

Your name and content in the book to create a tool that gives instant authority and can create millions in commission opportunity

Tested and Proven Radio Spots

Run radio ads in your market with Your Name, In Your Voice, Offering Your Book!

These leads call in wanting to talk with YOU, the Expert!

Micro Authority Website

Have a beautiful, credible website that ties you to Nobel prize winning economists giving you INSTANT Authority.

Appointment Setting included!

We answer all the calls for you and set appointments!

Personal Calendar Integration

We talk to the prospects, screen them and set appointments directly on your calendar!

Personalized Email Follow-Up Sequence

All emails are already written and are sent to your leads automatically personalized coming from you!

These assets can be leveraged in ALL areas of your business to get more leads and business from past clients, existing clients and other marketing approaches you are currently using.

But That’s Not All… In the Unlimited Program You’ll Also Get

$4500 In Additional Guaranteed Leads

The next 5 unlimited members who join will get a guaranteed 20 at bats every month for the first 3 months.

$1 Million Lead Conversion Selling System

The scripts, presentation, and training to close over a million per year in business.

WEEKLY - Personal Mentoring

EXCLUSIVE Mastermind mentoring with Dave B. who is writing $1 mm in commission per year, in just 15 hours per week from the comfort of his home office. (This has allowed him the time to start 2 other businesses at the same time!)

Incredible Business Support and Incentives Working With FIG Marketing

We don’t ‘sell’ the unlimited program for a price. Unlimited is for agents who can invest at least $5,000 per month in radio and TV media to grow their practice with partners who can help them enjoy more leads, money and lifestyle.

That’s why Unlimited members commit to writing the business that comes from our Unlimited Authority marketing system with our production partner FIG Marketing.

FIG is one of the premiere market leaders in annuity and IUL organizations. They are much more than an FMO, they are a full service financial conglomerate: and you can take advantage of all the resources at FIG,

Here’s what you get by working with FIG:

FREE Leads, Media & Marketing

Earn marketing points for radio and TV media buying in Unlimited, in getting an authority website, becoming a best-selling author or any other approved marketing expenses.

(How it’s calculated: Every 100,000 CPCs= $3,500 in marketing points. Annuity CPCS 10% of premium written (over 7 year contracts). For example: 1,000,000 in annuities = $100,000 CPC’s = $3,500 in marketing points.

Life CPCs are dollar for dollar on target premium. For example: $100,000 target = $100,000 CPCs = $3,500 in Marketing points.

Combinable: $50,000 in life and 500,000 in annuities = $100,000 CPC’s = $3,500 marketing points.


There’s nothing quite as enjoyable as going to exotic locations on someone else’s dime. Now you can experience incredible locations without a dime out of pocket.

The Top 125 advisors qualify for all expense trips around the world. These are the trips already planned for the next 3 years:

2022 Ireland
2023 Aruba
2024 Barcelona

(To qualify for the top 125 count on doing a minimum of 3.5 mm in annuity premium)

Busines Building Road Shows Modeling $20,000,000 Producers

Producers who qualify get all expenses paid to their Road Shows to learn from FIG’s model advisors who are doing $20 to $30 million in annuity production each year. Discover all the ways FIG can help you build your business and make your life easier.

(For example, the next event is at the Four Seasons in Boston, and you’ll have a full day of business building, and then hang out in the suite at a Red Sox game!)

And of course…

Personalized Case Design and Collaboration

FIG is not owned by any insurance company so they are truly independent. They’ll help find the right product and right compensation to help your client buy without bias toward any one carrier.

You’ll have a team of dedicated IUL and Annuity experts at your finger tips to help do illustrations, product expertise and help you close cases.

This is just a taste of what benefits you’ll enjoy by working with FIG and Brett & Ethan’s Unlimited System.

If you are interested in seeing if your area is available fill out the application today before it’s taken.

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